Claire & Dr. Hardy Gordon

Laura K & Zachary M Marchelos

Caroline & Alan Brockman

Janelle & George Snellings

Regina & Doug Wood

Kathy & John VanVeckhoven

Emily & Jay Morris

The North Delta Food and Wine Festival is a premier food and wine event that made its debut in October, 2015.  It is an event unlike any other in the region and attracts food and wine lovers who gather in Monroe/West Monroe to enjoy the best the region has to offer.  

The entire affair is made possible through the generosity of area sponsors, restaurants, chefs, wine vendors, foodie experts and you, our patrons.  A group of dedicated community volunteers work tirelessly to make this a premier event celebrating life in Northeast Louisiana.  Proceeds help further the efforts of the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council in supporting and promoting the arts in our region.  

To email us for information, or to inquire about 2017 tickets, click here.

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